Why the neighborhood in Hood River, Oregon choosing to go Organic?

More and more people are choosing and looking for organic food nowadays. And with the growing need of organic food in Hood River, Oregon, the community opened Hood River Organic for both the benefit of the local farmers and the local neighborhood. But why are the people in Hood River choosing to buy organic food? Some of the reasons are:

§ Organic is safer, probably more nutritious, and tastier
The production of the organic food is safer for the environment and consumer. Since farmers uses natural fertilizers and pesticides, the soil the food grow into is healthier giving the produced veggies and fruits a tastier savor.

§ Shopping in Hood River Organic is easier
Shopping became easier because of the systematic method of Hood River Organic. Their system is simple, they send weekly lists of available inventory for the locals and letting them choose and decide which food goes into the box along with additional grocery items like eggs and cheese.

§ Home Delivery or Pick-up?
Hood River Organic helps the community take time off by offering delivery services for the family or helping working parents or single people pick-up their box from the nearest store in their area – making it more accessible and convenient to the locals of the community.

§ The community of Hood River helps the local farmers
Or mostly known as CSA which stands for community supported agriculture. This allows the farmers to continually grow nutritious and sustainable food while still making a living for themselves and their family.

Choosing to go organic is not only for the community but also to help fight global warming, even in the most little ways. We could always start small which eventually leads to the biggest impact for our world. Choose to go organic, not only because it is more sustainable but also because you want to be a part of the growing community trying to make this world a better place.

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