In 1997 The Ass-Pen Ranch opened its doors to the public.  Designed with both breeding and training in mind, several stalls include cameras for round the clock monitoring of jennets due to foal. 

Several jacks stand available to the public including both mammoth jacks and two miniature jacks.

Mares brought to the Ass-Pen Ranch are bred via artificial insemination.   A resident "teaser stallion" is available to tease your mare to help indicate when she is in heat.

Jennets are bred via live cover. 

Crystal Ward is certified as an "Equine Assisted Reproductive Tech", University of California, Davis, 2001


Ass-Pen's DooLittle
14.1 hand sorrel
mammoth jack (at 15 years old.)

Currently standing at the Ass-Pen Ranch is Ass-Pen's DooLittle, a beautiful 14.1 hand sorrel jack who throws a pretty head and long neck on his babies.

DooLittle has a wonderful disposition and works well both under saddle and pulling a cart. He doesn't throw a coarse, heavy boned foal, rather a finer, athletic donkey or mule.


Here are a few of Doolittle's foals:

Ass-Pen's Hot Flash, born 5-5-05

Ass-Pen's Peppi Le Pew, born Sept. 2004

"Zeke", born May 2005
owned by Rick & Monique Gillespie


"Tiger", born July 2005
Owned by Chris & Cindy Walker

Ass-Pen's Tapadero

New to The Ass-Pen Ranch, introducing "Ass-Pen's Tapadero", a dark spotted miniature jack. Tapadero stands 32" and is a dark brown and white spotted jack. Looking for a jack to breed to your miniature jennet? Email me for photos, Tapadero is standing to outside jennets.


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